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Sponsor Highlight – Achelois Sports & Athletic Therapy

Kelsey from Achelois Sports and Athletic Therapy will be at the Toby Creek Race for 2018 providing quick treatments free of charge.  Helping to keep all the paddlers and athletes performing at their best
Achelois Sports and Athletic Therapy currently houses Athletic Therapy treatments by a Certified Athletic Therapist. We specialize in sport and athletic injuries through methods including joint mobilization, muscular techniques, stretching, exercises, modalities, Japanese cupping techniques, active release techniques and more!
What makes Athletic Therapy different from similar professions is our ability to utilize functional testing and individualized rehabilitation methods to return the athletes, to not only the “bare minimum”, but to the active lifestyle that they LOVE. This is done as quickly and efficiently as possible, cutting healing time down and educating the clients in order to get them back to their activity, keep them from relying on the therapist for lengthy, on-going treatments.
As a therapist; Kelsey Walker, uses hands-on techniques throughout her treatment sessions to ensure your one-on-one rehab time, in the clinic is utilized to the maximum, working with the clients directly and making the most out of their time in the clinic.
Achelois Therapy will be attending Toby Creek Festival this year for the purpose of helping spread the word of what Athletic Therapy is, quick treatments will be provided to injuries free of charge, including taping, massage techniques, cupping techniques, mobilization of joints and other. Whats the kick back? Word of Mouth: We hope that you will enjoy your experience enough to come to the clinic for a full treatment and refer your friends to do the same. (Referral Discounts in effect).
Disclosure: Achelois Sports and Athletic Therapy will be relocating in August 2018 to Kelowna, BC. Therefore, this is our way of helping as many people as possible, before the business leaves this beautiful town.

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